Retail Remodeling

Salisbury Construction specializes in retail remodeling to include carpentry, millwork, store furniture, racking, shelving, flooring, and fixture installation. When speed and quality is what you need, Salisbury Construction can deliver. Our approach stresses quality, dependability and minimizing disruption to regular business operations.

Common Retail Project Types:

Buildouts: A buildout involves a contractor demolishing the property on a space in order to rebuild one that fits the needs of the space’s new tenants.

Storefront: A contractor is hired to remodel the front of a store in order to attract more foot traffic.

Remodels: Includes renovating and upgrading an existing space.

Rebranding: Rebranding, like remodeling, includes revamping an existing property. However, rebranding is less involved than remodeling and is focused on changing or upgrading the look of the client’s space.

Sustainability: A sustainability project is a project where the contractor helps a company update their space and “Go Green.”

Turnkey: Turnkey projects involve a client hiring a contractor to build or remodel a company for the client to eventually sell.